Taylor Swift Shake It Off, 1989 collective attention

The new Taylor Swift Shake It Off, track 6 off her new 1989 album, which is now available has caused a little stir in the social media world.

Seems like the new Taylor Swift Shake It Off from her 1989 album has caused collective attention around the world, the track shows she is taking a little break from country music. But, since doing the new track she has gained both positive and negative reviews.

Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ music video has had 25,101,586 views so far since being uploaded to the TaylorSwiftVEVO YouTube channel. The video has already amassed 84,349 comments and climbing, and there are a few commenter’s not too happy with it, but a lot give her praise because it is catchy.

Some are saying the video is offensive, saying that she is stereotyping people. Is the Shake It Off video by Taylor Swift really harmful and offensive? We will let you watch the video below and then allow you to pass judgement in the comments.

In the video she dresses up like a street dancer, cheerleader, ballerina and in one-scene tries to twerking. This seems to have troubled one woman, please do visit Huffington Post to hear and watch what she had to say.

She is one of the hottest female stars this month publicly and socially, over on her official social media accounts she has a massive following. Her Twitter account has 48.2 million followers, 10,547,483 on Taylor Swift Instagram and an astronomical 68,747,946 Facebook likes. She is getting a lot of attention, many are tweeting about the star and her new video, see what they have to say by visiting hashtag #TaylorSwift.

What are your views on the new Taylor Swift Shake It Off video?

Taylor Swift Shake It Off, 1989 collective attention