Iago Aspas Twitter hack explained

Spanish footballer Iago Aspas Juncal who is on loan at moment from Liverpool, playing for Sevilla FC had his Twitter account hacked recently.

The official Iago Aspas Juncal (@aspas10) Twitter account was hacked, and the tweets ranged from, ‘I would like to dedicate that head butt I received last week to all #LFC fans who had to watch me last season #AspasCorner’, to ‘@paddypower Why are people so mean to me corners are hard’.

It was on Thursday the footballers account was hacked and Sevilla Fútbol Club NOT himself tweeted 10 hours ago (Shown Below), basically in short saying, our player @ aspas10 has suffered a hack on his twitter account, we apologize on is behalf.

The hack came after the star took a rubbish corner during the Chelsea Vs. Liverpool, the star said he is a victim of Twitter trolls and they are clearly troublesome fans. It seems Aspas is rather unpopular at the moment especial after the home defeat to Chelsea, not even that good he has only had one goal this season.

Hacks are not good at all and no matter what the circumstances trolls should be eradicated from the system – What are your views on Iago Aspas Juncal’s Twitter being hacked?

101 Great Goals shows the screenshot of the original tweets, which have now been removed from the footballers Twitter account. It wasn’t long ago former Cricketer Sir Ian Botham was hacked, read more here.

Iago Aspas Twitter hack explained