In-depth Social Media picture sizes

When it comes to social media picture sizes, no one can remember all the details. There are major platforms now and trying to commit to memory all the sizes is only for the one with a good memory.

Social media networks are forever changing the way its sites look, especially with new funky layouts and image size changes. We for one cannot remember them all, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Take Facebook for example, do you know what size the link image or highlighted image should be? If you do then well done because majority do not – Below we will remind you of the up-to-date social media image sizes.

Facebook Cover Photo 851×315 px, Profile Picture 180×180 px, Tab 111×74, Link Image 1200×627, Image 1200×1200, Highlighted Image 1200×717 and Page Like Ad 560×210 px. LinkedIn Profile Picture 200×200 px, Cover Photo 646×220, Page Ad 50×50 and the best size for the Sponsered Post is 100x80px.

Please look at the full social media image sizes infographic below – Just wish to say thanks to Anchor Media for the lovely infographic.

In-depth Social Media image sizes infographic

In-depth Social Media image sizes infographic main pic