YouTube Music Key to offer free ad-free music

YouTube will be releasing its new music service called YouTube Music Key, and there will be a new Google rebranding for its Google Play Music All Access, with the updated name will be Google Play Music Key.

The new YouTube Music Key will offer ad-free music, over 20 million songs and videos specifically made for YouTube, as well as audio-only playback for screen-off listening or for background, and offline playback.

Google got the new associated domain names around the world, when the service goes live it will be at a charge of $9.99 a month and like many subscription channels it will come with a free 30-day trial period to kicks things off.

Android Police says that the $9.99 payment will give access to both YouTube and Google Play Music Keys, no one knows when the launch will be, this is still under wraps. The good thing about Music Key is that users will have full access to official music but also covers, remixes and concert footage.

YouTube Music Key once launched will make suggestions based on what users listen and watch, and this is based on other things you watch and listen to on YouTube as well.

If you take a look at the comments over on at Android Police it seems the commenter’s are not too keen on the Google Play Music Key name. They say it is the worst name ever, one reader said, “Horrible names are the reason non-geeks will have no idea what this is.”

What are your views on the upcoming YouTube Music Key subscription service?

YouTube Music Key to offer free ad-free music