Twitter blocks Jihadist group ISIS-affiliated accounts

Twitter administrators are slowly going through any Jihadist group ISIS-affiliated accounts and blocking them, thanks to experts tracking ISIS on social media.

Around about 12 Islamic State jihadists Twitter accounts have been shut down so far by administrators in the last seven days, such sites are being used to show graphic content as well as using them to threaten the United States.

Only a few days ago there was a photo of a seven year old boy holding a mans severed head, this was published by an Australian jihadi who is the boys father. The members of the group have tried to reactivate the blocked Twitter accounts but Twitter is closing them down straight away.

Many of the Twitter accounts have also been used to show off victorious battles in Iraq and Syria, and they want to scare Twitter users by tricking them into looking at images of dead bodies using hashtags such as #Hawaii. New York Daily News was told by Charles Lister, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center that so far 12 official IS “provincial-level accounts have been shut down, and for privacy reasons the individual accounts have not been talked about by Twitter for security

Twitter has said they will suspend any account if it promotes bloody, graphic content or if any threat has been made, but tweeting any support for ISIS is not grounds for suspension.

Do you think Twitter should ban all Jihadist group ISIS-affiliated accounts?

Twitter blocks Jihadist group ISIS-affiliated accounts