Google Plus really helps business

Google Plus can really help businesses, which makes it ironic to hear so many thinking it is a ghost site. Numbers clearly state it is not and will be around for a while.

So far there are over 1 million brand and business pages on Google Plus, which were created within the first six months. There are over 300 million active G Plus users in the stream and boasts a 5 to 10% CTR uplift for socially enhanced search ads.

The likes of TOMS, Al Jazeera America and Topshop are already doing very well on G Plus, the social followers on these brands are rising with Top Shop Google Plus page having 1,907,643 followers, TOMS has 523,877 followers and Al Jazeera America has 566,569 followers.

Brands provide great content on Google Plus, Toyota USA loves to drive awareness to engage its audience, and you can do the same. Anything you post onto your Google Plus business page will also rank in search results. In most cases your G Plus content may get better rank than your website. Google+ posts that utilize that hashtag will gain followers as well, which is great for business.

It seems crazy not to start your own Google Plus business page as this can provide a larger audience, we know this article published by MarketingLand was back in February but it really goes into great detail about how Google Plus can benefit your business.

Is Google Plus helping your business?

Google Plus really helps business