Social media response to Michael Brown autopsy

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri are still ongoing after unharmed Michael Brown was shot dead, he was killed by a police officer and under the scrutiny of those protesting is Darren Wilson.

Dr. Michael Baden performed Michael Brown’s autopsy, and it shows the teenager was shot at least six times with two bullet wounds in the head. Since the news broke on the autopsy the Twitter social media world went crazy with thousands of tweets.

The New York Times has an extensive report covering the Michael Brown autopsy, the report by Dr. Michael Baden as reported by NY Times suggests the teenagers head was bent in the forward position when the bullets struck him, and it was this that caused the fatal injury.

Brown, 18 was also shot 4 times all fired at his front and these four entered his right arm. The autopsy does not blame anyone or justify the shooting according to Baden and more information is needed.

The police are still clashing with protesters after the Ferguson shooting, since the shooting and the performed autopsy Twitter users are tweeting how they feel about the above. Please read the the social media response to Michael Brown autopsy below –

Social media response to Michael Brown autopsy