Jamie Dornan Instagram and 107,000 followers

In just 5 hours Jamie Dornan racks up a massive 107,232 followers after adding one Instagram photo today.

Actor Jamie Dornan posted one simple photo on his Instagram account today donning a beard and a card saying, “I am Spartacus Jamie Dornan X,” with Spartacus having a strike-through.

The one photo has had 17.5 thousand likes, and the star playing handsome billionaire Christian Grey in the 2015 erotic drama film Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t even following anyone.

His jamiedornan Instagram account is official and has accumulated followers very quickly indeed, the star also took to Twitter with this tweet below – As you can see this tweet has gained 1.5k retweets and 2.3k favorites.

People seem to be going crazy for Dornan at the moment, but it is understandable seeing as he is starring in a erotic movie based on the sexy novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Jamie Dornan Instagram and 107,000 followers