Facebook Satire tag highlights satirical content

If you visit Facebook and you see the word ‘[Satire]’ in front of a link it will mean it will take you to a site with satirical content. Facebook Satire is a new tag feature that is being tested now, many know that ‘The Onion’ publishes content of the satirical nature and Facebook wants you to know this.

The new Facebook Satire tag will be popping up before links soon within the related articles area in News Feed; according to Facebook they received a lot of feedback where users wanted something more clearly to differentiate satirical articles from others in these areas.

The Daily Currant is called as a satirical site, they published a post once where they said Sarah Palin was going to join Al Jazeera as a commenter, this turned out not to be real. News content can slip through where we believe it to be true and on many occasions’ writers have had to update their publication after they realised it was satire content.

Facebook Satire tagging has been tested for around about a month now, no one knows what sites have been listed as part of the Satire Tagging update. Many news sites have fallen victim to The Onion, is there really a 9,600-mile roller coaster? We think not, this was another Onion article to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Ars Technica first reported the news on the Facebook Satire tag; they even titled its article if Facebook thinks people are dumb.

Do you think it is a good idea for Facebook to add the ‘Satire’ tag in front of websites they feel are satirical?

Facebook Satire tag highlights satirical content