Bill Gates tops Zuckerberg’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bill Gates has responded to Mark Zuckerbergs’ ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Ice Bucket Challenge, and hands down Gates tops in the best design award.

Mark Zuckerberg nominated Bill Gates and in response Gates came back with an epic Facebook video post, all part of ALS also know as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the much loved baseball player lost his career to it.

So many people are taking part around the world and even the famous are coming forward and taking part, Gates came back with an epic design in the way the water would come down on him, which in our eyes beats Zuckerberg’s Ice Bucket Challenge.

Mark Zuckerberg lifted a bucket above his head and poured water over himself, but gates (Probably someone else) designed a contraption for the challenge to make it easier for Gates to pull a cord to release the icy water. Bill Gates is a good sport and said he is glad to give to ALS because it is a great cause, but he also accepted the challenge.

In the embedded video below you see Bill Gates designing the drenching contraption, he also nominated Chris Anderson, Ryan Seacrest and Elon Musk.

Bill Gates Facebook video has already garnered 232,018 shares, 831,944 people like it so far and it has already had a massive 32,286 comments. Mark Zuckerberg’s video post has had 45,410 shares, 334,220 likes and 242 comments.

Do you prefer Mark Zuckerberg’s ICE Bucket challenge, or do you prefer Bill Gates one?

Bill Gates tops Zuckerberg’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge