Anonymous Twitter account number 2 on Ferguson PD

The Anonymous Twitter account was suspended on Thursday after it revealed a Ferguson police officers name who allegedly shot unharmed teenager Michael Brown, but this hasn’t stopped the online hacktivist group because they have set up ‘Anonymous Twitter Number 2.

The shooting in Ferguson, Missouri where Michael Brown was shot has prompted ‘Anonymous’ to release a barrage of tweets. Chief Angel Jimenez of the St. Ann Police Department in Missouri reports that the officer that was mentioned on the Twitter account was not a police office but was a dispatcher.

Anonymous hackers Twitter account was suspended because they revealed private and confidential information, posting and publishing this type of information where threats of violence against others will not be tolerated.

Many tweets on the Ferguson situation is still being posted, but this time on the new @TheAnonMessage2 Twitter account. The Twitter accounts description says, “This is @TheAnonMessage Official Backup Account, in case I am suspended or taken down by the government via twitter.”

Do you think Twitter should ban the @TheAnonMessage2 Twitter account as well?

Anonymous Twitter account number 2 on Ferguson PD

  • John Stockton

    Yeah no. Your facts are straight up wrong. Anonymous is @youranonnews.