Tesco ATM robbery solved with Facebook

Facebook could be the next police department thanks to the social site coming into play to bag the Tesco ATM hammer robber.

Tesco ATM robbery solved with Facebook thanks to the prosecutor using the social site to confirm the identity of the robber. There are many ways to rob an ATM and one robber named Colin Baker was caught on CCTV using a hammer to steal money according to the Nottingham Post.

The robber hit the ATM screens outside the Tesco store on February 19, after Baker hit the ATM screens he tried to grab the £74,320 that was inside but failed. Police then showed the CCTV video footage to security staff, with one of them saying he recognised the thief.

The CCTV footage showed 23-year-old Baker of Meldreth Road, Aspley walking past the Tesco Extra cash providing machines on February 19 at 12.55am. Prosecutor Wayne Wallis said he checked Facebook and clarified that Baker was the defendant.

The Crown Court hearing will begin on September 9, as it is too serious for Nottingham Magistrates Court.

Do you think Facebook is better at solving crimes than the police?

Tesco ATM robbery solved with Facebook