Hashtag effectiveness not just for Twitter

Hashtags are being used more than ever now, and Twitter is not the only online social media platform using them for effectiveness. The hashtag is the way of life now when sharing tweets etc and can improve reputation; they have made their way onto the likes of Facebook, Google Plus and many more platforms.

The more you use hashtags the more you get noticed; it improves engagement, provides more followers and even more so gains more information.

Hashtags need to be used in the right manner, you cannot just add what you think is best. The infographic below shows how a hashtag can increase online presence. Hashtags are user-controlled markings for posts on many top social media platforms, Twitter is NOT the only place we are using hashtags.

The four Twitter hashtag stats below show that hashtags are essential for creating and tracking online presence, tweets using them double the engagement rate. 78% brand engagements that are retweets, 22% brand engagements are replies and 92% brand engagements are link clicks, we all know hashtags are part of the link clicks.

The main benefits to hashtags are simple, they gain followers, they improve reputation allowing other people to find you more easily and hashtags are a great source to get information. Hashtags are now widely used and the top 5 uses are contests, education, events, news and advocacy. The best hashtags are the shorter ones, for more information please read the infographic below.

Even though the infographic is dated back to April, we would just like to let you know that hashtags are not only being used on Twitter. Do not underestimate the hashtag, they are very powerful and can make your online presence effective and noticeable.

What is the best hashtag you have used that made your online presence known?

How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Hashtag effectiveness not just for Twitter