Robbie Williams dead confusion on Twitter

So many Twitter users were tweeting when they confusingly heard Robbie Williams had died, fans believed it was singer Robbie that was dead when in fact it was Actor Robin Williams.

Twitter users mistakenly confused Robbie Williams for Robin Williams and posted many tweets sending their condolences. The name is rather similar and this is why the mix up occurred.

Robbie Williams and Take That started to trend on Twitter after the confusion, it was Robin Williams who sadly passed away due to asphyxia according to news reports leaving the world in total shock. The Actor Robin NOT Robbie was well known for his roles in Mork and Mindy, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam and so many more.

Below are a few tweets of those believing Robbie Williams died, mourners really believed Robbie was dead. We even noticed Spanish international and Real Madrid footballer Sergio Ramos making the same mistake, his tweet has since been removed but it did say, “”Saddened by the death of Robin Williams. I always liked his songs. RIP.”

Did you make the mistake believing Robbie died? Before reading the confusion tweets below OSM would like to say RIP Robin Williams, you will never be forgotten and you brought joy to millions of hearts, our thoughts are with Robin’s family and friends.

Robbie Williams dead confusion on Twitter

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    Social media (twitter, Facebook) made people stupid. 21 century of twitter zombies.