Perseid Meteor Shower vs. Supermoon 2014 social media clout

On August 10th and 12th, 2014 two amazing phenomenon’s occurred, and the two named the ‘Perseid Meteor Shower’ and the ‘Supermoon’ have a lot of social media clout.

The two social networks showing the most Perseid meteor shower and Supermoon 2014 activities are YouTube and Twitter, and all you need to do is search YouTube and you will see many videos. If you visit Twitter and search hashtags #PerseidMeteorShower and #Supermoon you will get to see loads of photos people have tweeted.

On Sunday night Twitter and YouTube were inundated with Supermoon photos and videos, photographers were everywhere, and on August 12 snappers were around for the Perseid meteor shower 2014.

super-moon 2014

For some including Google the Perseid shower was more popular than the Supermoon, so much so the Google Doodle celebrated the Perseid shower.

When it comes to the social media most popular, did you prefer the Perseid shower or the Supermoon? We would love to know if you shared more Supermoon or Perseids Meteor Shower tweets and videos.

The next Supermoon of 2014 will occur on September 9, which will be the last one this year. Watch many Perseid Meteor Show videos here, or Supermoon videos here.