Nash Grier Mangos, Nash Text Taylor hashtag trends

Nash Grier is making hashtags trend again on Twitter, the two in question are #mangos and #NashTextTaylor, but one of them is causing a massive tweet reaction.

The first hashtag #mangos started to trend on Twitter after the Nash Grier Teen Choice Awards interview, in the middle of the interview the Vine star was asked if he wanted to get something trending, and Grier being Grier he obliged by tweeted #mangos. (Tweet Shown Below)

Nash Grier also got another hashtag in Twitter trends, this time it is #NashTextTaylor and many followers have reacted to this hashtag, which went live about 6 hours ago.

The ‘Nash Text Taylor’ is obviously about Taylor Caniff, fans are saying to Grier he should text Taylor to see if he is OK because he is alone in Los Angeles, and when Taylor come to see the guys they just ignored him.

Taylor Caniff tweeted, “I’m just upset guys! I came to LA to see them and they are ignoring me. And they won’t tell me why but I’ll live lol!” He didn’t even notice that Nash Grier unfollowed him on Instagram.

Check out some of the tweets below and then answer some of these questions – Did you notice #mangos trending in Twitter? Why is Nash Grier ignoring Taylor, and if he was why would he add the hashtag #NashTextTaylor?

Funny that Grier tweeted #NashTextTaylor, because soon after many Twitter users were tweeting #NashDontTextTaylor

Nash Grier Mangos, Nash Text Taylor hashtag trends