Google account sign in, slow problems

Many Google users have been experiencing a few problems yesterday to do with signing in and things being really slow.

It seems to be widespread; there are reports according to Down Detector to do with those trying to sign in to Google accounts and search engine being very slow. Looking into it a little deeper it seems many are talking about Google Contacts issues more than anything.

Users have complained saying they cannot sign into anything, one said they could not access YouTube and hopes the problem gets fixed soon. Other YouTube users have noticed playback errors, they watch the ad at the beginning and when the video is set to start it comes with an error message.

Another YouTube tried to upload a 3-minute short film, but kept getting an error over and over again, other Google users have come forward and comment on Down Detectors Facebook comments saying they cannot access Google Contacts as well as not being able to upload file folders in Drive.

Other complaints came in saying Google Search and Gmail are very slow at the moment (These were reported yesterday Aug. 12). We have also heard from a couple of people that when they try the Google account sign up it will not let them.

We here at OSM are not having any problems at all, we can log in to all Google with no issues of being slow either.

Are you having Google account sign in problems or anything Google being really slow?

Google account sign in, slow problems