Facebook teen fire challenge leads to mums arrest

The disturbing video of a teen setting himself on fire has led to his mums arrest for facilitating the recording, she watched her son douse himself in fingernail polish and then set himself on fire.

What is called “The Fire Challenge” is a social media trend, and many have done the unthinkable of setting themselves on fore and posting the videos onto their Facebook profiles.

A North Carolina woman named Janie Lachelle Talley, 41 recorded her 16-year-old son pouring the liquid on himself as can be seen in the video below and then using a lighter to set himself on fire, a few other people in the room watching tried to put the fire out whilst the mother was still recording.

It was an attempt to do the fire challenge and then upload to Facebook, the boy had suffered minor burns on his neck and chest.

Police arrested mum Talley on Aug 6, where she was charged with the contribution to the delinquency of a juvenile. The video below is courtesy of WSOC-TV, OSM would like to say watch the video with viewers’ discretion, some may find the video disturbing.

OSM WARNING: Please DO NOT try this anywhere, it is stupid and very dangerous. The fire challenge is neither funny nor clever and could lead to serious harm.

Facebook disturbing teen fire leads to mums arrest