Dog Bounty Hunter vs. War Machine on Christy Mack attack

Porn star Christy Mack has taken to her Twitter account releasing what happened on the night she was attacked, the beating she allegedly received by ex-boyfriend MMA War Machine Jon Koppenhaver has now prompted Dog the Bounty Hunter to take action.

The Christy Mack Twitter account shows the brutal injuries after she was beaten in her Las Vegas home, the attack happened Friday around 2am when the War Machine turned up at her house unannounced, they both broke up in May. Mack says that when he turned up he started beating on her friend and then after turning her away he started on her.

In her statement on Twitter she reports he made her undress and shower in front of him and then he beat her around the face, she suffered 18 broken bones, had missing teeth, and a broken nose.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Dog Chapman was not too happy at all and tweeted these messages, in the hope Jon Koppenhaver would see them –

war machine

Koppenhaver also took to Twitter about the incident, saying he wanted to surprise Mack with an engagement ring. The War Machine tweeted on many occasions with these –

If you look on the War Machine Twitter wall you will see he has been very abgry lately, especially with a UPS drive, in one tweet he said, “Gonna Fu****g Snap”. Many believe he is an aggressive man and did badly on Christy Mack and he will get what is coming to him – Take a look at the Christy Mack photos via her tweet below.

Christy Mack has received a lot of followers supporting her, she tweeted back her gratitude’s with these –

What have you got to say about the brutal attack on Christy Mack?

Dog Bounty Hunter vs. War Machine on Christy Mack attack