Kevin Ward Jr accident video hits 6.2m views

On August 9, 2014 Kevin Ward Jr was hit by fellow racing driver Tony Stewart at Canandaigua, New York Motorsports Park dirt track, sadly the 20-year-old Ward died of massive blunt trauma according to an autopsy.

The YouTube video provided below (DISCRETION ADVISED) via YouTube channel Law Offices of John M. Phillips went viral after hitting 6,208,110 views; it has also had 10,200 comments so far.

Everything seemed normal like any other race, accidents happen. But, the Kevin Ward Jr accident was different this time, in the Kevin Ward YouTube video below you will see Ward’s car spin out on the track and then see the Nascar driver undo his seatbelt and walk on the track. It was clear Ward wanted to confront Stewart, but whilst Ward was on the track Stewart’s car struck him and sent him flying. Ward was later pronounced dead at F. F. Thompson Hospital.

The investigation is ongoing with investigators reconstructing the terrible event, at this given time there is no evidence of probable cause of a criminal act, criminal behavior or conduct, this is now an open investigation and information is being gathered.

The Kevin Ward accident has also caused a lot of reaction on Twitter, If you visit these two hashtags #Kevin Ward and #Tony Stewart you will see many tweets, some are defending Stewart and others are blaming him – Take a look at some of the tweets below.

What are your views on the Kevin Ward Jr accident?

Kevin Ward Jr accident video hits 6.2m views