23 million active Twitter users not human

Twitter now has just over 271 monthly active users, but shockingly around 23 million of them are not human but instead bots.

Even though Twitter saw a massive increase of 24% from the three months ending June 30, 2013 at 271 million average MAU’s, 23 million are actually bots, which is around 8.5% of the accounts on Twitter.

Twitter bot accounts basically means no perceptible additional user-initiated action – another words no human interactivity. The new Twitter filing shows the Twitter accounts have no human input and about 5% of these are actually spam accounts with the other 3.5% being parody, industry or company accounts.

For example take the @big_ben_clock Twitter account, which has 441k followers. This account is a bot and every hour on the hour it tweets with the words ‘bong’, so if its 2am it will bong twice, if its 10am it will bong 10 times etc.

For those worried about spam, do not worry because not all bot accounts are spam. It is always best to have a human working the Twitter accounts, as this is better from an advertising point of view.

Have you got a Twitter account you let run itself; have you set it up as a bot?

23 million active Twitter users not human