Yahoo News tweet hack on Ebola virus outbreak

The Ebola virus outbreak has taken the world by storm, and credible news sources all around the world have been reporting the latest updates to keep all posted. However, the Yahoo News’ Twitter feed was hacked on Sunday.

The Yahoo News feed on Twitter was hacked on Sunday and one tweet, which looked to be official from the popular news source, said the Ebola outbreak in Atlanta has infected around 145 people.

Soon after the tweet went live Yahoo News deleted it and disregarded the news with another tweet (Shown below).

Yahoo News’ reported on its Twitter account that the tweet was unauthorized and contained misinformation on Ebola, so please disregard that tweet.

No one is sure where the tweet originated from, but it retweeted around 750 times in a short period of time before being deleted. The Ebola virus news Yahoo update was disregarded in super quick time, which shows us they are on the ball when it comes to its Twitter account. There was already the Ebola Gatwick scare, read more about this here.

Did you see the Yahoo News Ebola Atlanta tweet?

Yahoo News outbreak tweet disregarded