Yahoo, Gmail sign up requires phone confirmation

Both Yahoo Mail and Gmail have always been relatively easy to create a new email address, but now users need phone confirmation.

When current or new Yahoo, Gmail customers want to create a new email address they will need to confirm their telephone numbers – this is now mandatory in a bid to check spam.

Both Yahoo and Gmail will use the phone number for verification, a Google India spokesperson said providing a phone number is optional but if you try to create an email address on Gmail without the phone number it will fail.

Gizmodo reports that a limited number of Gmail accounts can be used and created via the same number. In a nutshell it is a simple process to let the email providers know you are human and not a robot, it stamps out spam, which is spiraling out of control.

No confirmation was provided on how many email accounts can be created within the Yahoo, Gmail sign up process on one single phone number confirmation, but we are guessing it is being limited. If you look at the screenshot below you will see the phone number field, it is also good to have the phone number because when you forget your password it can be recovered and sent to your mobile phone.

yahoo mail sign up

Some may say in India that providing a mobile phone number is breaching people’s privacy, there is no regulatory requirement for making telephone number mandatory for making a new email address but without it you cannot have it.

Do you think by providing a phone number during the Yahoo, Gmail sign up process for a new email it could potentially compromise privacy in the future?

Yahoo, Gmail sign up requires phone confirmation

  • JP

    What about those folks who do not have a mobile phone?? Simply because they are DEAF??????