Targeting right social media platforms for business

Targeting social media for your business can and will assist you immensely, but the worry is finding what fits best for you. It happens to be a mixture of social platform, audience, and keeping up to date on a daily basis to provide what is best for those watching.

The infographic below by ‘Merchant Money’ goes into great detail about choosing the right social media platform for your company.

The number one activity on the web is social networking, billions post information, news, photos, new ventures and much more on the likes of Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many more, so it makes sense to target the right one for your business as they all serve a different purpose.

Many social media apps offer notifications, tagging, messaging, which means you never miss an update, and of course contains direct links to your next customer. Social media sites increases brand awareness, allows you to see new products and share your news on your very own products to millions, the ability to make social business connections helps towards growth, campaigns and awareness of issues etc.

target social media

All social networks offer different services, such as Google Plus is perfect for social identity, Facebook for pure social networking, Twitter is the best micro blogging service, and LinkedIn is great for business connections. When it comes to visual basis Pinterest is the best online scrapbook, photo sharing is best with Instagram, YouTube is the video-sharing platform and Vine is best for quick and short motion clips.

When it comes to registered and active users Facebook comes in at the top with 1.2 billion registered users and 1.06 billion of those being active. Google Plus has 1 billion with 359 being active, Twitter 550 million/215m, Instagram 200m/150m and Pinterest 70m/20m.

It is interesting to see that 69% of Pinterest users are female, so if you are targting products for men Pinterest may not be ideal for you, 2/3 of G PLUS users are male. Both Facebook and G+ are the two most fastest growing social media platforms at the moment with 45 to 54 year olds, Twitters’ fastest growing user group is 55 to 64 year olds.

Take a look at the social business infographic below, which goes into detail on making your plan including linking up, planning your content and so much more.

What social media platform is best suited for your business and why?


Targeting right social media platform for businesses