Hurricane Bertha UK 2014 news updates

Hurricane Bertha hit yesterday and made 2014 something to remember, weather and flood warnings have now come in amid Bertha storm.

So far six flood warnings have been issued by The Environment Agency, and these include 47 flood alerts across England and Wales, the bad weather is continuing to hit England with Scotland and Ireland getting the brunt of it as well.

An Amber warning was also issued for rain in parts of northern England, Scotland with 40 to 50 mph gusts, people should be aware some travel services and events may be cancelled over the next few days.

Yesterday I was in Finsbury Park, London having breakfast when all of a sudden the tail end of Bertha decided it was time to come down, it rained so hard puddles were at least 4 to 5 inches deep within minutes of it commencing.

Forecasts report that two times Augusts’ rainfall average could come down in a mere 24 hours thanks to the tail end of hurricane Bertha.

The hashtag #Bertha is trending on both Facebook and Twitter, and by simply following these #Bertha on Twitter and #Bertha on Facebook will give you up-to-date live Bertha updates as it happens. Many users of these social networks are posting news and pictures of the weather across the UK. Many are calling it a hurricane, but here in the UK it is just a very bad storm.

Did you get the brunt end of Hurricane Bertha 2014?

Hurricane Bertha UK 2014 live updates