Facebook Like gate closing countdown begins

Facebook has made a new announcement they will be closing down its like gate for fan pages, what is called, as ‘Like Gating’ will cease as from November 5, 2014.

Like Gating is where Facebook businesses etc offer rewards when you like or share a page, but Facebook wants real likes and shares not ones that are false to the user.

You see many Facebook posts where you can win something by liking a page, this is called like gating, and even though this will be closing down under the Facebook policy you can still ask users to share or like your page but you CANNOT force them to do so or reward them in any way for doing so.

Facebook page admins and developers who use the like gate approach will need to come into conformity by November 5.

So, the like gating tactic will stop in November, you can still ask for likes etc but you can force them, there are many games on Facebook where they start playing and then to continue the game they have to like the page and this is false gating. Contests use the same tactics as well, Facebook wants real likes and in the end this is great for both user and advertiser.

Do you really want a fan on your page because you have rewarded them, or would you prefer a real fan that loves what you are doing? Please do read more over on Inside Facebook.

Facebook Like gate closing countdown

  • Guest_47

    About time too. I always thought it was so pathetic for companies to act like those kids that no one liked and tried to buy popularity by bringing sweets and chocolate to school to give out. I always just unlike them afterwards lest I’d be associated with those companies (yes I was one of those guys who took the sweet and still bullied the poor kid – sorry Hicks).