Social media tactics to boost online marketing

For any of the online store owners, increasing website traffic towards their online e-commerce store is truly one of the biggest challenges. To know where to start from and knowing the tactics for how to stand out against thousands of shops competing for the same purpose is really a hectic and daunting task. But this could be made easier by following some of the social media traits and tactics for boosting up online marketing.

Social media can prove to be really helpful in boosting up the online marketing presence. It offers customers the best way to get connected with the latest updates and releases of various online stores or the e-commerce portals and thus as a result engages the customers as never before. So, let us have a look at top 9 proven social media tactics for boosting up online marketing:

1. Connect with the customers:
Social media platforms are one of the best ways to connect with the customers. Those customers who love your products or services will like you or even promote you on social networking platforms. Also, they will get quick updates about new product release through these sites.

2. Keeping an eye on the competition:
There are numerous sectors that have customer review sites where the customers are being encouraged for sharing their experiences. View these comments and experiences to compare about what the competitors are saying about you.

Social media tactics to boost online marketing

3. Noting down the customer’s needs:
If one is facing any particular type of queries regularly then it becomes necessary to find particular solutions in order to avoid it. Answer to the regular queries through the FAQ’s section.

4. Encouraging the feedback:
By encouraging or acting on the feedback could allow one to tailor down the product or service of the customer’s needs. One could also use the voting poll to determine whose suggestion is better.

5. Monitoring the feedback:
One should be alert in order to know what people are saying about yourself as well as your competitor’s business on the Internet. One can also use search engine tools like Google Analytics for finding the reviews of the business.

6. Responding back to the feedback:
Feedbacks of the customers can be in the form of suggestions or complaints. View each of them carefully and respond swiftly to the complaints first. Use suggestions of the customers for improving the service of the site, even though was published back in 2012 it is rather interesting to say the least.

7. Dealing with negative feedback:
It is true that the more engaged you are, the less likely one would face any kind of PR disaster. The team needs to investigate each complaint thoroughly and thus contact the customers directly to offer a solution or apologize if in case it is your mistake or fault.

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8. Communicating about the changes made with the employees
There might be some of the employees who may not feel comfortable with social networking and so it is necessary for them to be aware of the advantages for having an active online presence. They must be trained for using social media and do the needful for such employees.

9. Changing the customer service
Make sure that the person responsible for customer service has access over social media profiles. They should pass on the positive feedbacks among relevant team members.

As these different social media marketing traits and tactics helps in acquiring a huge amount of visitors towards the website, one must follow the above given tips to boost up their online marketing presence. Some of the sites like are following these tips to get more recognition through online platforms.

OSM would like to thank online marketer Christopher Meloni for his regular updates related to the e-commerce websites, today he is sharing top traits followed by online e-commerce stores like for boosting up their online presence through online marketing. You can also read more about the breakdown of social media increasing sales here.

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