One Direction Payne to Mrs Horan Twitter fun

One Direction is just not the ordinary boy band getting into trouble for stardom, in fact they are fun guys who like to have a laugh especially Liam Payne. The heartthrob singer of One Direction changed his Twitter name to Mrs Horan, as well as changing his profile picture to one of himself standing with fellow band mate Niall Horan.

Some of the tweets Liam posted were very funny indeed, his 17.6 million Twitter followers got see see many new tweets including Hi @NiallOfficial I made this for you, he even said he loves him so much it hurts, he went on to say he even loves his toes and if he is coming to see him tonight.

Are you Liam Payne or Mrs Horan? Technically he is officially MRS HORAN @Real_Liam_Payne, he was just this cool band member on Twitter and then all of a sudden he becomes the massive overnight Niall Horan fan.

Even the profile description changed to 4/5 follow and yeah I met Niall he did a pose with me its not a big deal, his biggest hashtag at the moment is #BeAFanDay, which can be found in many tweets shown below –

This tweet is funny where he shows he is the top Niall fan –

What do you think about One Directions’ Liam Payne changing his Twitter profile to Mrs Horan to show he is a fan of fellow band member Niall Horan?

One Direction Payne to Mrs Horan Twitter fun