New Facebook Events layout update

Facebook Events has had a new update, they have designed a new home for your Events, and this means you will never miss one, the ability to host and share fun events as well as discovering and saving new activities.

The update seems to have happened about two weeks ago according to this official Facebook news page, but we did not hear nothing about it.

When I visited my personal Facebook Home Newsfeed and clicked on the ‘Events’ link on the left I got a pop up message titled ‘A New Home For Your Events’ so I clicked on the ‘Get Started’ tab.

Facebook upcoming events

When you click on the Events link on the left now there is a different layout, on the left it now has 4 categories – Upcoming, Calendar, Past and Create. When in the Upcoming link you will see a box with four tabs – All, Invitations, Saved and Hosting. Now when you click on the Calendar link you get a full size calendar, which you simply hover over and it reveals what’s coming up next.

facebook events calendar

The Past link just shows you all the past events, and last but not least is the Create an event link and this is self-explanatory to do.

All in all the new Facebook Events update is cleaner and easier to use – Have you got the new Facebook Events update yet?

new facebook events