Twitter vs. users in new tweet feature

Twitter is always testing out new features, but the latest one is something users may not like. Could this be the latest Twitter experiment that lands mud on its face?

Back in 2013 Twitter said it is very rare they do not go a day without releasing one experiment, the latest as reported by The Next Web is Tweets popping up from accounts you are not even following.

As long as one of your Twitter friends is following an account it could pop up on your feed, if you look at the screenshot below @aleefbaypay says he is seeing tweets from Buzzfeed and he does not even follow them.

Twitter vs. users in new tweet feature pic 1

The update has not yet been officially announced yet so it is basically being silently tested. Maybe it is a new way to show ads, if you look at the Buzzfeed tweet it looks like a normal tweet and not an advertisement, this could be another way to show ads without looking like one.

Twitter could be looking at ways to provide indirect sponsored content, users like cleanliness and not clutter such as Facebook ads.

So, OSM is calling out to Twitter to explain the new tweeting move – Do you like the idea of seeing tweets even if you are not following them?

Twitter vs. users in new tweet feature