Trends and statistics on social network sharing

When it comes to social media sites such as Twitter, Google Plus etc, users of these social networks have multiple accounts not only just say a Facebook profile. Billions of users are sharing photos and many other things on networks, but exactly what works?

Now all can be revealed on what people are exactly sharing thanks to the data provided below, the infographic below looks into what people are sharing on social networks thanks to Go-Gulf.

Right at the top of the list for most shares are pictures at 43%, 26% share opinions and status update of what and how they are doing, also at 26% are shares that link to articles. Other top shares include personal recommendations of things users like, news items, links to other website, other posts and video clips. The lowest thing people share on social networks at 9% is plans for future activities trips etc.

why people share content on social networks

When it comes to uploaded and shared photos on Facebook via desktop 476.59 million photo shares happen on a daily basis. Posted comment about daily activities on Facebook happens 349.60 million times a day, 287.82m shared a link to an article on Facebook and 259m videos were shared created by other users on Facebook.

Google Plus is more popular than Twitter when it comes to uploaded and shared photos on desktop with 206.74 million and 171.75 million respective.

The infographic also goes into detail about people sharing content on social networks, such as 49% of people sharing information on products they like with a hope to change opinions or encourage action, a huge 84% share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about. Other data includes most shared types of video, emotions, U.S snapshot, Facebook and Twitter snapshot. As well as top 10 live events people shared most frequently on Facebook in 2013.

What do you share the most on social networks?

What People Share On Social Networks - Statistics and Trends
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Trends and statistics on social network sharing