Facebook notification globe update causing confusion

A new Facebook update has arrived, but has it? The Facebook notification globe icon is clicked on more than any other icon on the screen, being it mobile or web. But, the update looks like is not an update after all.

So many news sites are reporting of the new Facebook notifications icon update, but we have delved into this a little more and found it to be old news. The new update shows a new twist to the notification globe, it is now localized to the user’s location, which basically means it will change dependent on where you live.

If you take a look over on ‘Little Big Details’ they published the news stating, “The notifications icon shows a different side of the globe depending on your location.” But, and here is the kicker, take a look at the comments below the article and you will see them dated 2 years back.

If the comments on Little Big Details dates back to two years ago this surely means this is not a recent update.

Inside Facebook says that Facebook has confirmed this is a new feature, but if this is the case how come it was spoken about two years ago – or are we missing something!

Is the Facebook notification globe update new or old?

Facebook notification globe update causing confusion