Booming Instagram engagement rate, increase potential

Instagram is growing at a fast rate and catching up to the likes of Facebook when it comes to engagement, users have the ability to share selfies and many other types of photos and the engagement potential is growing rapidly.

There are many ways to increase Instagram engagement, and thanks to Quicksprout they have put together an infographic explaining brand use, growth rates, power of images and so much more.

Instagram for your business can leverage more customers’ as said above Instagram is booming and has over 200-million users, and according to the infographic the photo sharing social media platform has 15x more user engagement than Facebook, and 40 times more than Twitter.

37% of online 18-29 year olds use Instagram with 17% of all online adults, the growth rate in brand use sees 93% or prestige brands on Instagram, 80% growth in brand use between 2012 and 2103, and has a 350% growth in brand engagement year over year.

As of December 2013 social media users worldwide who engaged with brands on select networks are as follows based on ‘Monthly Active Users (Millions)’ and ‘Brand Interaction Rate’ – Facebook 1190/.10%, Google Plus 300/.09%, Twitter 218/.04% and Instagram with 150 million monthly active users and a huge 1.53% brand interaction rate.

Read below how you can increase Instagram engagement by 182%, the infographic looks into harnessing the power of images, Instagram playing nice with others, juicing up engagement, tips, measuring engagement and more.

The average Instagram engagement rate is on the rise – What is your Instagram engagement rate?

How to Increase Instagram Engagement by 182%
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Booming Instagram engagement rate, increase potential