Facebook going down causes Twitter, 911 stir

Friday August 1st seemed to be the worst day for Facebook users, and a few are still having issues with the social networking site. So many users were searching Google and even Twitter for ‘Facebook is down’ as well as using the #facebookdown hashtag in Twitter, it has also been reported 911 services were getting calls when the FB outage occurred.

The main Facebook outage issues occurred in the New York, San Francisco areas, and looking over on Down Detector Facebook users were still having problems yesterday (August 3rd).

Seem rather ironic that Facebook users took to Twitter to let the world know they could not access their news feed, send status messages etc. The hashtag #facebookdown was used extensively on Friday and still a little today, problems occurred around 1600 GMT and the cause is still unknown.

When the site went down Facebook users not only took to Twitter, some also contacted the 911 emergency services to ask when the site will be up and running again. Sgt. Burton Brink said on Twitter that Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue – see the embed tweet below.

Are you still having problems with Facebook, or is everything running ok for you now?

Facebook not loading issues April 8 pic 2