Argos UK down during product update

The website is currently down in a planned maintenance that will see thousands of new products added to the popular UK shopping destination. If you’re experiencing any other problems with their apps, or other services, then this might be related to the outage and should all return to normal when the website comes back up.

Considering how popular Argos UK is, we’d expect this to hit a few people hard and even more so thanks to this downtime taking place on a weekend.

Did the planned Argos website update take you by surprise this weekend? During your wait, Argos promote their social channels and some people have taken up the offer by leaving messages on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Update: Argos UK is still down, although the latest update explains they’re “almost there” with a new range of more than “45,000 products” when the site returns. It shouldn’t be much longer now, so if you notice the sites return before us then leave a comment below and feel free to share what you’re shopping for this weekend.


  • kk

    It’s working now.

  • Irish bobs

    Works hurayyyy