Kim Jong-un dance parody video causes outrage

The latest Kim Jong-un dance parody video landing on YouTube has caused outrage from North Korea, and of course this would be expected after taking a look at this now viral video thanks to the funny antics.

We’ve embedded the Kim Jong-un dance video below that currently has a few hundred thousand views, although this is nothing compared to the pole dancing version of Kim Jong Un and even 45 million views on a PSY GANGNAM STYLE version. The latter video is also embedded below in case you missed it, which might be unlikely considering it’s heading towards the 50m view count on YouTube.

While these videos get a few thousand dislikes, it’s evident they have many more thousands of likes and most people see this as just humor. How about you? Do you see these videos just like the others for many other world leaders, or shouldn’t they be done about any celebrity or world leader?

Let us know what parody video you’d like to see next, is there a celebrity that needs to be featured and do you have an ideal in mind how it should be set? Leave your comments below.