Facebook shares show healthy business

Facebook shares and stocks for its last quarter shows it has a healthy and profitable business, especially after seeing a growth of 137%.

Shares have hit a new high the last quarter for Facebook, which means investors must be over the moon with stock rises as well, it shows strong pace for both web and mobile advertising for the social network.

Shares have rocketed by 5% after the results came out, and those that bought shares two years ago during Facebook’s IPO offering have doubled their money.

From the same quarter last year Facebook is up from $331m to $791m with revenue jumping to a high of rise 61% to $2.91bn from $1.81bn with advertising revenue jumping 67%.

Mobile ad revenue took 62% of Facebook’s total advertising revenue for the quarter, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they had a good second quarter.

Reuters reports Facebook posting a $791 million net income, which compared to the same quarter of 2013 of $333 million is a staggering rise. Shares were up to $75.13 in after-hours trading on Wednesday, which gives a $190 billion valuation on the company.

Facebook had 1.32 billion active users at the end of June and climbing, which is up 14 percent from 2013. This means around 829 million individuals utilized Facebook consistently during June, up 19 percent from a year prior. The amount of Facebook users who log in at once a day were on mobile phones, which was 654 million on average in June, up 14 percent from a year prior.

Facebook shares show healthy business