Google Views contribute of G Plus comments

Google Views works in conjunction with Maps, which allows users to pan 360 degree photos spheres. The good news is that Google has now added G Plus comments and the ability to +1 them as well.

Users can upload photo spheres onto Google Views by either using a mobile device via an app, or by using a DSLR camera. Once you have done so you can put them up on the map for everyone to enjoy.

If you take a look at the photo screenshot below you will notice the Google Plus comments, I used my personal Google Plus name to comment to show you what it looks like – Looks great.

Users can now interact with the photo sphere panoramas by sharing, commenting or +1’ing, if you click on one of the popular photo spheres on the right here you will see the new Google Plus comments integration, which is a nice addition.

By clicking on the share button on any given Google Views sphere allows you to share by copying the embed iFrame code, direct to G Plus or Twitter or by copying the URL link.

Are you using the new Google Plus commenting feature on Google Views yet, if so what do you think of it?

Google Views contribute of G Plus comments