Facebook Save feature allows revisiting

Facebook is always bringing out new features to its mobile and web social network, the newly released update that is live is called ‘Save’.

A few days ago the new Facebook ‘Buy’ button was released and now users can get to grips with a new feature called ‘Save’, which has been put in place so you can revisit when you please.

To put it in simple terms Save is basically a bookmark, most of the time Facebook users find so many interesting things and when too busy they do not get the time to explore at that given moment. However, now when you see something interesting users can simply tap the Save icon or choose the Save option in the menu on posts in News Feed to save it for later.

facebook save

All saved items can be visited when you please, these will all be private unless users decide to share with Facebook friends, users can now save music, places, books, movies and many links, the Save option is easily found under the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of a post or piece of content.

The feature is available on the web as well as mobile platforms, once users have saved something they can simply open via a link on the left hand side of the page.

Do you like the new Facebook Save feature?

where to find your saved stuff

facebook saves just like a bookmark

Facebook Save feature allows revisiting