China Twitter profiles on Tibet in fake claim

There have been many fake China Twitter profiles suspended after they were uncovered by Tibetan advocacy group Free Tibet. The accounts were used to spread positive news about Tibet and Xinjiang in London but have since been called fake Twitter profiles.

The China Twitter profiles were put into place and were found to be using names stolen from Westerners and metaphors taken from actual people, the 100 fake Twitter profiles were called out by London-based Free Tibet and were soon suspended after the New York Times published a report.

Twitter is blocked in China and the fake profiles were used in a way to promote propaganda, many popular topics included attacks on the Dalai Lama and Tibet being a Utopian area under China. A spokesperson for Free Tibet said, “We think we’ve uncovered the tip of an iceberg of China propaganda on Twitter.”

The New York Times report mentioned about the Tom Hugo Twitter profile, which shows he cares for the Tibetan people and much more, but it turns out this account is fake. @Tomhugo148, used one photograph of a Brazilian underwear model and hated the Dalai Lama, these were accounts to simply spread Tibet propaganda.

What are your views on China reportedly using fake Twitter profiles to spread Tibet propaganda?

China Twitter profiles on Tibet in fake claim