Miley Cyrus dead is Facebook scam

Miley Cyrus fans around the world panicked after news of her death was posted on Facebook, after they were led to believe she died after taking an overdose.

Do not worry – She is alive and well and this hoax was a nasty scam that hit on July 19, and two days later on July 21 Miley confirmed she is alive and kicking. A post went viral that the music sensation was found dead in her home after an overdose, and Hollywood Life have a photo to prove she is OK.

The Facebook hoax read, “{SHOCKING) Miley Cyrus Found Dead in Her Los Angeles Home! Country singer Miley Cyrus found overdosed this afternoon in her Los Angeles home.” But this was all part of a scam and when FB users clicked on the post it would take them to what looks like a Facebook page, the end result is fake surveys to make money.

You only have to visit the Miley Cyrus Instagram profile to see she has posted a selfie of her hair accessories including one of her late dog called Floyd.

What is strange is the fact it took a couple of days for Miley to respond to her hoaxed death, but after looking at her social channels she has been laying low and not been updating them.

Once again, Miley Cyrus is NOT DEAD – How did you feel when you first heard of the Miley death hoax?

Miley Cyrus dead is Facebook scam