Dan Bilzerian Twitter, Instagram in cool vs. stupidity

Dan Bilzerian to some is a complete legend when it comes to social media in the way he goes about things, but to some he is just out of control and posting ridiculous stuff on Twitter and Instagram that should potentially get him banned – this is what we call the Dan Bilzerian Twitter, Instagram in cool vs. stupidity debate.

It wasn’t too long ago when Rihanna was given a caution for her topless photos on Instagram, so what makes it different for Dan Bilzerian with his array of topless and provocative photos on Twitter and Instagram?

Dan Bilzerian well known as a high-rolling poker player, film actor and American venture capitalist is apparently worth around the $100 million. He is the co-founder of online poker room called Victory Poker. This is all good business but what he posts on Twitter and Instagram to some is somewhat to be desired.

If you take a look on Twitter for example 2 hours ago he tweeted, “I’m on a strict drug and alcohol regiment to keep my mind limber for the @sternshow in an hr.”

You will see women’s breasts, bums with his name on them, he even added a photo of a conversation where he said “My PR A**hole will not ruin our fun.” We have not embedded the tweet because of its swear words, but it does start with Greg Baroth saying, “I think you posting a ton of naked girls on Twitter is a bad brand friendly idea,” Dan’s response was “Really’, Then Greg replies with “Yes absolutely, and a major brand with money is not going to want to be associated with you if you do that: Mikes hard lemonade might back out,” Dan replied with, “Oh Well good thing I’m rich and i don’t give a F*** – Greg finished the message with K. Well that settles that.

If Rihanna has had warnings about her being topless, surely Dan should get the same treatment if he puts topless women on his Twitter or Instagram accounts. Whatever way you look at it he is very popular indeed with 3,419,074 followers on Instagram and 715k on Twitter.

When it comes to cool vs. stupidity on social media networks where do you think Dan Bilzerian lies?

Dan Bilzerian Twitter, Instagram in cool vs. stupidity

  • Jacko

    Instagram dont allow nipple, twitter do allow nipple. Bilzerian only posts nipple on twitter, not instagram, hence him not getting banned from either.