Wimbledon 2014 Twitter activity results

Wimbledon 2014, which started on Monday, June 23 and ended Sunday, July 6 was a massive event and now the mapped Twitter mentions during the tournament has been pulled out showing the most mentioned players, as well as who the Twittersphere thought would win.

The infographic by BrightHouse shows that during Wimbledon 2014 there were 2.8 million tournament tweets in total. Looking at the stats there were more male tweeters than female tweeters and the majority came from the UK, there were 191,805 tweets per day with 9,992 per hour.

The most popular tennis players included runner up Roger Federer with 616,511 mentions, the winner Novak Djokovic had less with 515,172 mentions, and UK’s Andy Murray had 385,618 mentions on Twitter.

Eugenie Bouchard had the most tweets for the ladies with 198,346 mentions and winner Petra Kvitova had 104,996.

When it came to the Wimbledon 2014 Tennis Tournament Twitter predictions for winning the final, Federer was at the top to win with 20,439 for the men and Bouchard was top with 6,364.

The infographic also goes into detail about following the final, please take a look below and let us know what you think.

Second Match Point

Infographic by BrightHouse

Wimbledon 2014 Twitter activity results