Yahoo Mail not working in multiple countries

Yahoo Mail not working again seems to be the to be the most popular five words at the moment, and the problems are still happening with Yahoo Mail not being operational in multiple countries.

Back on June 16, 2014 we reported Yahoo Mail having issues and in response to this news many said they may consider leaving Yahoo Mail for Gmail, 44 comments have come in to date with Yahoo Mail users complaining about the issues they are facing – but still the issues are still ongoing it seems.

Customers are complaining of emails not coming in, but majority are saying Yahoo Mail is down and countries affected are being shown within Facebook comments over on Down Detector.

Spain seems to be popping up a lot with Yahoo Mail being down, comments reveal problems in Malaga, Madrid, Tenerife, Torreguadiaro, Alicante, and other countries include the UK with London having most of the problems, Yahoo Mail users in Athens, Greece are also having downtime as well.

But looking at the comments it proves Spain is having majority of the problems, we would like to hear from Yahoo Mail users now to see how widespread the problem is.

The main problems as said is Yahoo Mail being down – issues include Yahoo main page not resolving, now being able to access Yahoo Mail main page, cannot login at all, in a nutshell no connection for most.

Are you having Yahoo Mail problems? If so, please let OSM know what the issue is and what country you live in.

Yahoo Mail not working in multiple countries

  • riyas

    from Saudi Arabia yahoo mail not working I have very important mails pls dp somting

  • Valil Kurup

    yahoo site is opening but mail has not been working since last 2 days all over saudi arabia. What is the solution ? We do not understand why Yahoo administrative authorities are paying deaf ears to this problem.

  • Sayed Ali

    Yahoo mail is not opening in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

  • Betty Boop

    Yahoo mail inaccessible from Saudi Arabia. Multiple users within Saudi Arabia are reporting this problem on various sites since yesterday. It could be an undersea cable cut, which has historically affected Yahoo users in the country. Or it could be indicative of new technology problems within the wide spectrum ranging from hardware glitches to censure.

  • andrew

    i am in the US and cannot use yahoo anymore :(

  • Issac

    i am in Saudi Arabia and my yahoo mail is only accessible through my iphone mail client but not through a windows browser. this has been going on for at least 3 days now

  • Kees van der Pool

    Spain/Malaga @ 08/16/1014: sign-in page does not resolve. Anybody else or is it me?