Ramping up Google Plus engagement

Social logins on Google Plus is rising, and even though many believe this social site is a ghost town they need to think again. It now has over 300 million in stream active users and growth is very strong indeed, engagement on G PLUS need is not very hard at all and by doing the right thing you can improve more followers etc.

Even though G PLUS started late in 2011 it has been reported in studies it could surpass Facebook by May 2016, so it makes sense to get the engagement you need right now, and by following the infographic below this can be simply done.

The reason it makes sense to be on G+ right now is because 22% of online adults use Google Plus on a monthly basis, 42% use it to interact with brands’ content and a massive 70% of top 100 brands are on G PLUS.

The social site refers a lot of quality traffic drumming up 2.45 pages per visit, and when you look at the user interactions with brands’ posts Facebook sits at 0.073%, G PLUS 0.069% and Twitter lies at 0.035% – Looking at these stats G PLUS generates nearly as much engagement per follower as Facebook.

Please take a look at the infographic below, this will go into detail about perfecting your Google Plus profile, creating and managing Circles, getting involved and being active, what to do when joining communities, key facts about sharing and so much more.

Have you got strong engagement on Google Plus?

How To Improve Engagement on GooglePlus - infographic

infographic courtesy of digitalinformationworld.com and plusyourbusiness.com

Ramping up Google Plus engagement