LeBron James loses Twitter friends over Cavaliers

LeBron James Twitter followers have gone down just a little after his decision to move to Cleveland Cavaliers, first it was Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid to remove James from his Twitter account and then it was the turn of Shabazz Napier.

No one likes to be unfollowed on Twitter, but since LeBron James decided to move on over to Cleveland Cavaliers NBA rookies have decided it was time to delete James from the system.

Shabazz Napier not only deleted LeBron James from his Twitter account, he also removed all tweets from him as well.

The reason Joel Embiid unfollowed James on Twitter was simply down to the star not returning any replies to his tweets. Lebron made it well-known throughout the NCAA competition that he’s an immense enthusiast of the Uconn point watch, so when the Miami Heat exchanged for Napier not long after the Charlotte Hornets drafted him 24th overall a month ago, it was well-known the group tried to keep King James in South Beach.

Because the above did not pan out this is why Napier decided it was time to move on and forget King James and remove him from his Twitter account, Napier thought he was going to play beside four-time NBA MVP.

Are you still a Twitter LeBron James follower? Are you still waiting for the LeBron James twitter reaction after Embiid and Napier unfollowed him?

Source – Fox Sports

LeBron James loses Twitter friends over Cavaliers