Facebook photos of sexy women in identity vs appearance

Facebook photo fails are normally very interesting and funny indeed, but for young women to upload revealing or sexy photos onto the social media site could cause a negative effect.

According to a new study women uploading sexy or revealing photos onto Facebook could rebound because other female friends may see them as socially or physically less attractive, assistant professor of psychology at Oregon State University and researcher Elizabeth Daniels said, “This is a clear indictment of sexy social media photos.”

The study included two mock Facebook profiles; these were created for invented 20-year-old Amanda Johnson. Two profile photos were posted, in one was a nice respectable photo of Amanda wearing a short-sleeved shirt, scarf covering her chest and jeans, but in the other photo was Amanda being sexy with a low-cut red dress showing a lot of leg thanks to the slit up one side and a garter belt well on show.

The study itself included 58 teenage girls aged between 17-25 and 60 young ladies between 13-18 no longer in high school. These were allowed access to Amandas’ mock Facebook profiles and had to assess her social and physical attractiveness as well as task competence.

The one that scored higher marks was the non-sexy Facebook profile in all three areas, the one where she was wearing jeans proved Amanda would make a good friend and looked more prettier than the sexy photo.

The study is said to prove young women and girls can have Facebook profiles without the need for sexy photos, social media photos should showcase identity and not appearance.

Do you agree that identity on Facebook is more important that sexy appearance?

Facebook photos of sexy women in negative effect study