Iran court jails eight Facebook activists

Facebook and Twitter as we know are already banned in Iran, but this has not stopped Iranians accessing the social media site using VPNs and proxy servers. News now reports eight Facebook page administrators are facing jail totaling 127 years.

The eight jail sentences given to the eight ranges from 8 to 21 years totaling 127 years, ABC News reports the verdict against the eight activists was issued by an Iranian court.

The defendants were convicted of scheming against national security, even though the sentences were given out their Facebook pages and names were not identified. The court handed out the jail sentences after several court appearances’ in April.

Those that were convicted come from Kerman, Yazd, Shiraz, Tehran and Abadan according to reports. Iranian authorities are always filtering social network access to Facebook and Twitter if they are considered detrimental to the regime or un-Islamic.

Looking into this further we see that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is on Twitter and is clearly active – What are your views on the jail sentences handed out?

Iran court jails eight Facebook activists