Facebook users still down after experiment apology

Facebook has finally come out and apologized following the revelations of its psychological experiment with around 700,000 of its users. It comes as no surprise to us that Facebook users are still down and are not ready to forgive the social networking giant just yet.

Having said that, we know how these things go and it will not be long before all is forgotten about, although that still doesn’t forgive what they done. It’s so sad to see that Facebook enjoyed placing more negative content in news feeds just to see what reaction it would get, especially when we know within ourselves how we react with such content, we just can’t seem to get enough of it.

We all know that when you put content on Facebook and sharing good news, the reaction from users is nowhere near as much as negative content, and you don’t have to run any experiment to find that out.

Some users have grown so tired of the things Facebook has done in the past and how it pretty much takes over peoples lives that a decision was made to delete it, we know it is a bit radical, but it does consume you if you let it.

It is still funny when we hear from Facebook users saying how disappointed and angry they are over this latest fiasco, and the one thing we say to them is “Are you really that surprised?”