Netflix streaming quality poor for some

Netflix isn’t down today based on our last check, but you won’t need to look far to see a lot of users complaining about Netflix streaming quality being poor and this in some cases might be due to the company themselves. We say “some” thanks to a number of tests and polls we’ve run over the last month, which seem to indicate networking, Wi-Fi, or ISPs as the main culprit.

The feedback we’ve received follows a similar pattern with one user stating, “I’m lucky if I can watch any movies in minimum detail”. If you’ve used Netflix, then you’ll notice when streaming quality is poor the picture distorts slightly rather than losing connection. This normally happens when you’re on a slow connection, have networking issues, or there’s a fault on Netflix’s end.

If Netflix had a total outage you’d not be able to stream any content, so in most cases you will just notice the quality dropping rather than crystal clear HD.

Some times you’ll have problems other than streaming quality, like one user mentioned only 3 hours ago in this comment “the Netflix app and online are not working”. This again can be due to networking or cellular data issues, based on selective issues in a certain region, or generally a problem with the app or service overall.

We’ve tested the Netflix Apple TV app in the UK and received feedback from a friend in New York, only moments ago, and everything seems to be running fine with the online service.

Do you believe most of your Netflix streaming quality issues are due to networking, ISPs, or Netflix themselves?

You might have also seen Verizon hit back at Netflix recently after ISPs were blamed for bad streaming quality.